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Cloudplast (Jiangsu Cloud Plast Co., Ltd.) was founded in June, 2016.

Cloudplast is a brand leading company, we are focusing on adhesives and tapes R&D.

. Referring to the adhesives, Cloudplast has the low VOC, low fogging and solvent free PSA as:

1. traditional hot-melt modified rubber pressure sensitive adhesives;

2. 100% solid content, UV curing pure acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives;

3. Water borne acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives;

Especially designed for cloth and PVC tape coating applications, very suited to automotive interior component mounting applications.


. Referring to the tapes, Cloudplast has below low VOC products:

    4. Double sided non-woven / tissue tape;

    5. Double sided film tape;

    6. Transfer tape;

    7. Flame-resistant transfer tape (oxygen concentration > 32%);

    8. Single sided pet non-woven / pet fleece tape;

    9. Single sided hand tear pet cloth tape;

    10. Single sided high abrasion resistant pet cloth tape;

    11. Single sided acetate cloth tape;

    12. Double sided acetate cloth tape;

    13. Single sided PVC insulating tape with special water borne PSA;

    14. Single sided PVC insulating tape with UV curing pure acrylic PSA;

    15. Up to 230C high temperature resistant glass fiber reinforced aluminum foil tape;

Cloudplast has the background of integrating abundant production technology, quality inspection and marketing resources.

With the advantages of mature industrial chain, to carry out the business in the field of new materials with an innovative and down-to-earth attitude, Cloudplast offerring innovative, environmental safety and cost effective engineering community products and capabilities directly to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and through a network of industrial distribution.

Cloudplast, we may not the best prices in China, but we could offering you the best cost performance.


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